About Us

Incubox are passion driven ...
Just like you.

Business is simply our passion. We understand the difficulties faced by graduates and young start-ups with plenty of great ideas but no financial backing, help or guidance available. Incubox wanted to do something which we are passionate about and which helps those in that vulnerable and often difficult start up position. So many innovative business ideas never make it to market due to this lack of early funding and guidance, as a company which thrives on business development this goes right to our core and drives us to want to help individuals get a foot on the business ladder. We want to see successful businesses grow which can in turn help other fledgling businesses grow, creating links and forging contacts which ultimately benefits a wider web of businesses.

Incubox doesn't solely seek those with their own unique ideas, we are a platform for multiple ventures which are awaiting development. If you are interested in a career in innovative business development we have vacancies for the right individuals to join our team. We seek high quality candidates with ambition to help with these exciting new projects. Incubox are committed to providing employment paths for individuals in what has in recent years become an unpredictable and increasingly difficult employment market. The United Kingdom's economic growth and employment opportunities depend in part on its ability to support the growth of enterprises. Entrepreneurship creates new companies, opens up new markets and nurtures new skills. Our objective is to encourage people to become entrepreneurs to make it easier for them to set up and grow their businesses.


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