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Napoleon Hill

Helping individuals realise their dreams

We want to help individuals realise their dreams, create companies, jobs and to give something more than simply money… our time, our expertise and our ideas. Incubox seeks commitment, enthusiasm and hard work from its successful applicants.

Together we can create something out of nothing, taking the raw talent of entrepreneurs like you with exciting ideas and helping you to become successful individuals with companies of your own.

Incubox are constantly seeking enthusiastic motivated individuals with the drive to succeed and anyone with innovative business ideas or inventions.

Entrepreneurs need money to support their business idea, but sadly there aren't many free grants around and the ones that are available tends to be for small amounts of money, or very specific about what they will or won't pay for. Therefore, instead of looking to cover all your costs with grants, it's much more likely that you would have to finance your enterprise from a different source.

Furthermore, although grants are appealing because they are often seen to be free with no strings attached, the application process can sometimes be slow and laborious and you may have a long wait to learn whether you qualify or not so individuals need to decide if it's really worth their while or if you're better off looking elsewhere.