Incubox are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative new concept in the Unites Arab Emirates in February 2016, which will roll out across the Middle East and thereafter, USA and Europe.

UDENZ is an new app interface connecting patients with dentists and dental professionals in their local area, for both emergency treatments and routine or cosmetic dentistry, providing private dental care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In this age of digital immersion, consumers expect immediate results and when faced with the anxiety of tooth pain or a dental emergency, the app will enable patients to rapidly locate the nearest dentist and arrange treatment directly on their phone, tablet or laptop. For routine treatment, the app will provide a concise directory of the highest quality practices, allowing patients to make informed choices at the touch of a button.

The concept was created by dentist Dr Hisham Safadi of Dubai, recognising the changing needs of patients, seeking to improve the patient experience and with the desire to introduce innovative good practice. The dental professionals available at UDENZ are from the highest calibre practices with outstanding reputations for safety and patient satisfaction.

UDENZ is a leader in adopting the latest technologies and ideas to serve the growing demand for active involvement in engagement between dentist and patient, enhancing patient accessibility and revolutionising the industry.

Oral health problems account for thousands of hours lost in the workplace every year, the UDENZ app aims to streamline the route to obtaining dental care for the user providing more immediacy and less wasted time.s